Thursday, March 14, 2013

the circle of life...

on sunday, march 13, 2012 i blew up an aerobed, pulled it into the big white room, read a book, and slept as the sun came pouring in.  i blogged about it here. i was just a few weeks pregnant at the time.  maeve was there then, albeit in a different and at the time genderless form.

i love the rhythm of life because...

on sunday, march 10, 2013 i rocked in the rocking chair in the big white room, holding my daughter in my arms as she slept and i drifted to and stayed in that place between here and sleep as the sun came pouring in.

while rocking it occurred to me that i hadn't done this since that day 52 weeks ago.

i know what you are thinking...i'm not pregnant ...this has been verified, but isn't life just wonderfully cyclical?

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