Thursday, February 7, 2013

thursday morning...

i want to hold this morning forever.  i brought maeve into our bed around 8.  for the past 92 minutes she's slept next to me.  now she's across my lap...slowly waking, groaning, and stretching...and falling in and out of sleep.  just a handful of her super-long baby eyelashes remain.  her little forehead is dry and in need of some love.

i just looked down and a few tears that have slowly been working their way down my cheeks are in perfectly round drops on her polar fleece sleep sack.  to know that in four days our lazy and cuddly mornings, our long mid-day walks with hobbes, our unstructured time, and our hours and hours together will be different is just a little heartbreaking.

hobbes just whined downstairs letting us know he needs to go out, pulling us up and out of savor these last days together in this special bubble of a place we've lived in for the the past three months.


  1. It's not a little heartbreaking. It's a lot heartbreaking. There is nothing natural feeling in leaving your infant in the care of another mother. I couldn't do it. I tried. But you are strong and Maeve is strong. And you will move through the next transition with some tears but also with wisdom and grace.

  2. Enjoy these moments - they go by so quickly and I promise you it gets easier - surround yourself with those who understand and who have been through it and are in it. It will help you through the transition. You are an amazing mom and maeve is so lucky to have you - xoxo

  3. I know exactly how you feel. I relished those last few days and processed so much of the transition prior to the actual transition---thinking, crying, reflecting, so grateful to have had the time but definitely sad about the ending of a certain period of time alone with my babe. I think I processed so much that the first week back to work was better than expected (still hard---I remember my arms aching around 2pm, waiting to hold Ben) because I had processed so much beforehand.


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