Thursday, February 28, 2013

maeve's sound...

maeve you make this adorable and yet painfully sad noise sometimes when you get startled and wake up.  your eyes open wide, you look around, and then you start making this noise.  it isn't a cry.  it is just the sound eh repeated quickly.  there is not much sound, but lots of air behind the "p" sound at the start of the word paper.

eh. eh. eh. eh. eh.

it isn't your regular noise or your regular cry, but i imagine that if there were a thousand babies in one place, that i'd be able to find you if you were making this sound.  it is one of the things that you will outgrow, but that is burned into my heart.

i'm here typing and thinking about motherhood...and crying.  the happiest of tears.  i just wiped my face with my t-shirt and realized this is the shirt i was wearing during part of know before the clothes came off:)  it's an old school blue t-shirt with a drawing of a lighthouse that says pemaquid point and maine on it.  it sounds hideous by description, but i assure's not. i bought it during college at a thrift store in amherst, mass...long before your dad and i remet, long before our ties to pemaquid, long before i became your mama.  now it's the shirt that i will never look at in the same way.

and it just occurred to me that this was the shirt that i was wearing the day we first met hobbes...seen here (can you believe that is hobbes?).

life is strange and wonderfully special, isn't it?

photo by christina wnek

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