Monday, February 4, 2013

at twelve weeks...

at twelve weeks your cheeks are growing, you are the cutest little thing i've ever seen.  during this week we reached 100+ ounces of frozen milk, which is a huge victory.  we did 6 days of just us (with help from friends and family) while dad got some time skiing with his college buddies.
you sat in your bumbo seat, you met bryce and kelly, you slept a few full nights and now sleep in your crib, you took hobbes on lots of walks, and you spent lots of time with christina and amelia.
you are making new noises...higher pitched noises.   when we put you on your back you pull your legs up, you recognize voices and faces, you are starting to notice hobbes more and more (hard not to when he's always coming over for kisses), you had your first non-family babysitters when neighbors joanna and isabelle came over while i went for a jog with mr. hobbes.
you don't seem to like naps much and are very happy during the day, you were a chatty lady at yoga class this week, and you love it when we sing little songs.  you do this little face/chin thing when you wake up each morning after i bring you into my bed for cuddles...

sweet maeve, i woke up this morning with a terrible sense of nooooooo, for this is my last week of maternity leave.  we will spend our next seven days together, with probably a few teary moments, but mainly with all the good things we've been doing over these past twelve weeks.  you make my world.  these have been some of the hardest, but surely the best twelve weeks i've ever had.  xo.

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  1. Way to go with the frozen milk stash mama! It will be so helpful with going back to work to have some already in the bank. I have a love/hate relationship with pumping. I'm pretty sick of it but there is something SO satisfying about the amount of milk I have frozen...

    Going back to work will be tough but it gets easier pretty fast. Good luck with the transition.


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