Monday, February 18, 2013

at fourteen weeks...

at fourteen weeks you are as sweet as can be.  you are either happy happy or looking worried/concerned...or crying if you are hungry. this was your first week in care, while i went back to work.  you spent your time with rachael and august...
the two of you got lots of fresh air in your strollers and you did really well in care...those days were the longest i'd been away from you.  
being back at work was easier than i thought, because it was fun to see so many people and to be doing something different.  but as i type this now i can tell that this next week at work is going to be tougher.  

at fourteen weeks you love looking at your hands.  you love putting your hands and bib in your mouth. you are still as talkative as ever.  you are in all kinds of new clothes, that you are seemingly already outgrowing.  your eyes are a gorgeous blue...shimmery and shiny.
at fourteen weeks you got your first cold, which was sad to were still so happy, but coughing, sneezing, snotting, and your eyes were tearing.  we took you to the doctor and bought a humidifier.  we cuddled lots and nursed often.
at fourteen weeks you and dad made brownies, you faced out in the carrier, and you wore your bib from ida and gary.  at fourteen weeks our dryer's been doing lots of laundry!
at fourteen weeks you are more interested in toys, rattles, and things to chew on.  your hair is growing out.  at fourteen weeks you got your hand free from your swaddled and worked it out of the second layer, too.  your scratched your head in a bunch of places with those sharp fingernails of yours...we trimmed your nails and swaddle you even tighter now.
at fourteen weeks we had a visit from the bliss family.  you and nami spent time reading, looking at each other, and hanging out.

at fourteen weeks you spent a day with nana.  it was a gorgeous day that felt warm at 45.  the two of you were in portland and you walked miles along the eastern promenade.  

maeve, you are loved.  xo.

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