Tuesday, January 22, 2013

with friends...

over the past few days we've seen christina and [not so] little amelia a bunch.  it's been wonderful!

the photo above is from a walk at twinbrook.  we were a sight...a pregnant lady pulling a sled with a kiddo, me carrying little maeve on my chest, and two excited dogs.  the walk was great.  we are so blessed to live near one another and with access to such great trails and walks...and dogs that love chasing each other around.

my favorite moment with these two this weekend was yesterday at christina's.  amelia woke from her nap and was talking and singing in her crib.  we were listening on the monitor.  maeve started to cry and we had an idea.  i walked maeve near amelia's closed door so she could hear the cry.  there was a pause. and then over the monitor we heard in a faint yet excited whisper...maeve...maeve's here. jill and maeve.  so sweet!

here's to dear dear friends.

iphone photo by christina wnek

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  1. Oh that is so sweet. Can we also get an updated Amelia photo please?


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