Thursday, January 3, 2013

ringing in the new year...

we had a fantastic new year's eve with all the right pieces.  good food, fun people, jeopardy watching, board game playing, and in bed shortly after midnight.  low-key and yet simply wonderful.  ahhhh perfect.  welcome 2013.

i rang in the new year in a comfy chair nursing the sweet bundle above, while others were watching the ball drop in the next room.  i actually loved this.  what a wonderful way to ring in a new year...with my little girl, bringing her comfort and nourishment, and in a way that we will find ourselves hundreds and hundreds of times over the next year.

i didn't make many resolutions this year, but i made a few.  in the past i've tried making a bunch, last year i made a goal for each month (which was surprisingly wonderful), but this year i'm just tackling a few things.  some are being more present (with less technology), doing one good deed a day, and lots of outside adventures with my family.  however, my most exciting one is that i'm going to write a story for maeve each month.  you know, so some fabulous book editor can contact me in december and say something like "we'll buy all 12...and your next dozen, too".  actually, i just want her to have, next to her already full bookshelf, some stories written by her mama.  anything else would just be icing on a an delicious cake.  i already have the ideas for the first few...which has me giddy with excitement.

how'd you send 2012 out and bring 2013 in?

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  1. I love the idea of a year of stories for Maeve! Happy New Year to all of you! Hugs!


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