Wednesday, January 30, 2013

from great-grammie...

a few weeks ago maeve and i got some notecards.  we sat down and wrote a question on the top of each card for my grandmother...maeve's know the one who reads my blog each day.  hi grammie!

on the cards were questions about family, childhood, being brave, happiness, and hobbies. last weekend, the cards arrived back all filled out in our mailbox.  what a gift!

i smiled when reading about her playing dress up as a child with neighborhood girls and traipsing down a busy street in dresses and high heels, about her month-long road trip across the united states, vacations to visit her maiden aunts as a child, a nine person sled loaded with kids and whistling down the road in the winter, the role of books in her life, her ninety heart shaped rocks from her ninetieth birthday, her wish for maeve, and her idea of happiness (which along with many other things includes watching downton abbey on sunday evenings...isn't that just about the sweetest thing).

i'm turning the cards into a book for maeve, so we can read the eloquent answers and honest thoughts over and over again.

thank you grammie...for reading along on the blog, for taking the time to fill out the cards, for having your seventh of twelve children (my mom), for already loving maeve so much, and for being YOU!

we can't wait to come visit!


  1. what a wonderful idea...and i love your grammie's handwriting. :)


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