Thursday, January 24, 2013


people.  it's cold outside here in maine.  as in negative temperatures.  maeve and i have gone outside a total of three times in the past two days.  first, to get the mail yesterday.  then to a doctor's appointment today where we remote started the car and parked in a parking garage attached to the office.  and lastly, i went outside to light the luminaries that my mom dropped off tonight.  there hasn't been much (read: any) dog walking.

other than that we've been cozy ladies.  wearing socks on our hands, hats inside, and eating lots of soup!

in this cold weather hobbes is happy to be out for a while, but when he's done...he's DONE.  he literally knocks on the door to come in...okay maybe he paws at the door, but still.

tell me, what's it like where you live?


  1. well, today was cold by AZ in 72 degrees.

    want to come visit?? :)

  2. Eva's pants!! Love it - stay warm. xo


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