Friday, December 21, 2012


today marks the day when the nights get a little shorter and the days begin to get longer...minute by minute for the next six month.  phew.  i've loved the coziness of the past month, but we are ready to look out the window and see a bit more daylight.  we celebrated the light by sleeping in, having tea with our friend emma, and watching a documentary.  oh it is so rainy and windy here's been nice to stay local.  o starts at ten day vacation this evening, which feels like a great way to celebrate the solstice!

it's odd to imagine where we'll be six months from now when the days start retreating back.  june 21st.  i would love to think we are taking long walks as a family with hobbes and maeve...chatting about our life as parents and our life as a family.  i hope that o and i are standing firmly and confidently in our parent boots.  i hope that maeve is happy and healthy.  i hope we end the night nestled in the book nook, reading and reading.

photo by christina wnek

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  1. i think those are all good solstice wishes. :) maeve looks adorable there! enjoy the holidays! lots of hugs and <3.


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