Monday, December 17, 2012

six weeks...

maeve turned six weeks old today.  we celebrated with a little snowstorm, the paul simon station on pandora, and lots of [fake] smiles...followed by spit up.

today this sweet baby wanted to be held a lot, which i ate up.  we spent lots of time in bed, in the rocking chair, and in the baby bjorn.  we ventured out for my six week check-up, but i could have stayed in the house all day.  hobbes was a little under the weather today, so we had a fuzzy companion close by.

my favorite part of today was when we were bopping around in the living room listening to music.  when the song don't worry, be happy by bobby mcferrin came on i couldn't help but smile...and then cry.  i cried because this little girl puts it all in perspective.  she makes my world right.  she somehow makes me make sense.  without being able to speak a word, she teaches me how these days are best spent...bundled and cozy, together at home, living in the moment, thinking about what matters, with a dog close by, and with constant reminders that in this world we depend so much on others.

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