Thursday, December 13, 2012


in the past five weeks we've been showered with a way i never imagined.

we get sweet emails and texts.  there are weekly visits from grandparents.  christina has come over to take beautiful pictures of sweet maeve many times.  the mailman delivers love from near and far almost every day.  our next door neighbors knock on the door with fresh muffins, clementines, juice, cookies, and a need to get their maeve fix.  my coworkers and former coworkers have given us so many baby items and hand-me-downs.  friends have lent us lots of baby equipment.

maeve's arrival has shown and reminded us how much goodness and kindness exists.  we are so grateful.

photo by christina wnek

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  1. and I am oh so grateful for the kindness you showed me yesterday! Ryan bought a 3rd sound machine for the living room and took over last night and I only had to wake up at 12, 3, and 6 to nurse. I feel like a new mama. Maybe we are getting somewhere... :)


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