Monday, December 10, 2012

at five weeks...

at five weeks we are starting to find our rhythm...maybe.  we are learning maeve's language of cries, grunts, and noises...maybe.  we are getting peed, pooped, and spit up on less...maybe.

in this time of maybe, it seems i am living in the moment more than i ever have.  maeve reminds me that nothing is certain and predictable.  it is complete surrender, as we live from feeding to feeding.

emotions creep up and flood over me as this little one chirps sweet noises, as she gazes up at me when i feed her, as she stretches on her changing table in the middle of the night, as she arches her back when i pick her up from a nap (her little bum sticking out), and as her mouth moves back and forth in the air and her eyes get really big just before she latches on.

at five weeks maeve is changing and growing...and the same is happening for me and my heart.  i am changing and growing.    


  1. I love her facial expression! She is just so cute and I'm glad you have your blog so I can see her grow! xo

  2. SO CUTE! I love the back arch when you pick sleeping babies up!!

  3. she is sooo cute jill! xocass

  4. And it's just the beginning my friend...

  5. Very soon, she will smile at you and you will melt like you have never melted before. All the poop, spit-up and fatigue will fade away and be meaningless. You will connect on a whole new level. Her smile will make everything glow and you will know how much she appreciates your loving care and hard work.


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