Wednesday, November 14, 2012


time hasn't moved in the way it used to since we left for the hospital last sunday evening.  since maeve was born our days are filled with wonder, more happiness than i've known, doubt, fear, no sleep, exhaustion, feeling overwhelmed, laughter, and many tears.  i'd spent so much energy focused on the actual labor (which i will share with you soon) that i think i was blindsided by what it meant once our child actually entered the world.  i had no idea how much this small little girl would change our life.

i have moments where i am filled with the feeling that i can DO this...and moments where i wonder how we'll make it to the afternoon.  i'm grateful for o, our dear neighbors, my closest friends, our lactation consultant, and my mom (who has been with us for the past few days)...without them i'd be lost.  they've sat with me in my low moments and helped as we adjust to this new way of life.

here is a quick photo of me and maeve from her first day in the hospital.  my dear dear friend (and incredible photographer) christina wnek took the photos in this post and i adore them...i find myself looking at them over and over, almost as if i have to convince myself that they are real and that that is me...and my daughter! i do the same with the text of the email we sent out when she was born...i read it over and over.  i'm in disbelief.
she already looks so different every day.  she couldn't be more soft, more sweet, or make sillier expressions.  here is a favorite...
that is us and what we've been up to.  more soon!


  1. oh i am crying. :) (happy tears, of course.) i feel a lot of love and happiness for you and o and maeve. (love, love, love that name, by the way...) you can do it...and when you doubt it, look at maeve, because i am pretty sure she has all the faith in the world in you.

  2. I don't know any first time Mom who hasn't gone through this. Remember to ask me about that first week home when I thought nursing was a breeze til that ONE DAY it all went wrong--and Rob was standing in the aisle of the grocery store crying looking at rows and rows of formula because I could not get Taidgh to latch on and nurse after hours and hours--andI was crying and Taidgh was crying (and screaming) and Rob was crying. Good times. And now almost 15 years later he's feeding himself (kinda sorta). All of this new normal is well normal. She is beautiful. And so are you hugs.xoxo

  3. Oh, I can't wait to hear more! You are doing great mama!! xoxo

    p.s. in case you need some comic relief, Ezra is "taking a nap"...and just discovered he can say "Winnie the Poop" and is repeating it over and over...laughing hysterically every time. :)


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