Friday, November 23, 2012


back when i had my pre-baby middle of the night seance, i picked a few words from our word of the day container.  the word i picked for a baby girl was understanding.  i've since picked that word from the container again.  and today my tea bag tag said the following: true understanding is found through compassion.  the word keeps coming up.

while i continue to have hard moments as i stumble through learning how to be a mom and how to care for a baby and how to exist on so little sleep, i feel like i'm most compassionate when it seems like it would be the the middle of the night.  last night she fed continuously from 7:30pm to nearly 1:00am...and then slept in my arms until 5:00am.  sure, i'm horribly sleep deprived.  but as i try to imagine what it must feel like to be be eighteen days be new in the be hungry, scared, sad, and just figuring this place out...i feel full of understanding and compassion.

to think we were all once this helpless is astonishing.  while i still don't understand maeve and who she is, i'm learning...more and more...every moment of every day.

photo by christina wnek

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  1. When can we visit this sweet little darling? Maybe on a day when you weren't up the ENTIRE night before? Let us know!



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