Friday, November 2, 2012

the original due date...

today is the original due date that i was given way back in march.  at this point today feels like every other day, but who knows!

yesterday during our final ultrasound to make sure there was enough amniotic fluid and that the placenta and cord were still doing their job, we got the 3-d image of the baby seen above.  isn't it crazy?

i love that he/she looks so cozy.  i love the big squished nose and the arm across the face.  i can't help thinking this baby looks very sady in this shot (a combination of my grandfather and my brother)...oh but when we meet the real thing we'll know for sure just which pieces were inherited from which side of the family.

today's post will be my last before i sign back on to share the good news...and even if this process requires medical assistance it may take a while, so please continue to send your good thoughts our way.  we'll feel, hold, and cherish every single one!

p.s. to yesterday's anonymous commenter, thank you for reminding me just how sacred this time changed my day.  thanks!


  1. That photo is so clear! I can't wait to read your next post!!!

  2. So excited to read your next post, Jill! Good luck to you and O this weekend.


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