Tuesday, October 23, 2012


this past weekend o and i went out for breakfast on both saturday and sunday.  we learned that ordering just one blueberry pancake is called a blue cake...did everyone know this already but us?

after each big breakfast we'd take a long walk with hobbes...and then i had to nap both days.  so sleepy...so nice.

being at stone's cafe made me think about traditions...places you go every week, people that you form patterns with, habits and preferences that suddenly become a part of who you are, what you do, and what you love.

i can't wait to see what traditions just become for our family...the things we do at first without really knowing...that suddenly become ours.

what is your favorite family tradition?  do tell!  growing up mine might have been when my mom danced the turkey before it was stuffed. did anyone else's mom do this?


  1. Friday night: Homemade pizza and movie night. The kids look forward to it each week.

  2. How come I never got to see the turkey dance?? I think we need to come back for Thanksgiving just so I can experience this. :)

    My favorite family tradition is evening walks, where Ezra always seems to be carried home on Ryan's shoulders during the last little stretch.


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