Tuesday, October 9, 2012

three day weekends...

i'm going to start with yesterday and work my way backwards through the weekend, because i'm not even sure how to begin to describe the shower that my friends threw for me on saturday.

so monday...o woke up with a terrible cold and slept the whole day.  i took hobbes for a long walk at the estuary, which was wonderful.  i went to the grocery store and bought supplies for my day.  i started cooking three different soups (chicken veggie, squash and carrot, and turkey chili) and made two pans of turkey meatloaf.  all of the items were made to freeze, so we can have a healthy home cooked meal once things get busier with the baby.  i had a really fun time cooking and chopping...of course i sort of looked at recipes and then went off on my own.

when i woke o up just before dark, because i always hated as a kid sleeping in the afternoon and waking up confused when it was dark (what day is it? and that was o's first question), he came downstairs for a warm bowl of soup.  it hit the spot.

i read for a while and gave hobbes some scratches...it was the perfect extra day.

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