Friday, October 5, 2012

the happiness shower...

at work, i'm part of a book group that has spent the last few months reading the happiness project.  we meet at lunch once a month. it's a group of people that at the beginning i didn't know very well (in some cases at all).

yesterday we were scheduled to meet at 4:15pm because one of our book club members (that we usually skype in from texas) was in the office.  i was meeting with a dear colleague who is taking a significant portion of my work while i'm on leave and we were going over everything.  i watched as the clock approached 4, then 4:15, and then i realized that i was going to have to miss book club in order to finish what i was working on.

at 4:19 one of the book club members came to my desk and asked, "are you coming downstairs for book club?" to which i told her that i wasn't going to be able to make it.  she paused, looked at me and then blurted out "there is apple crisp and a baby shower downstairs for should come!"

i felt terrible and yet so very honored.  my happiness group had planned this special surprise shower that i almost missed.  i ran downstairs and my oh my.  the group had made banana bread, ginger cake, apple crisp (and they had vanilla ice cream) and they had each brought a children's book to give me.  oh and they had flowers! i was overwhelmed by their kindness, the surprise, and the love.

thank you happiness group...sorry for almost missing this!  i'm continuously reminded of just how many generous and kind and giving folks i work's amazing and i feel so lucky.

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