Tuesday, October 16, 2012

the dog and the bump...

my dear friend and incredible photographer, christina wnek, and i met after work last week for a photo shoot to capture my baby bump.  she sent me these incredible photos.  it's strange to see the photos because even though i'm quite small...the bump is way bigger in real life than the angle that i see it from when looking down.  my due date is sunday...and this being is going to enter the world soon.  i will get to watch it take it's first breath, hear it's first cry, and be the first person that it sees.  in the millions of moments over the past forty weeks the world has been trying to preparing me for that which you can't prepare for...and then in one moment i will become a mother and o will become a father.  it blows my mind.  it scares me a little bit.  it makes my eyes fill with tears almost instantly.  it makes me wonder how on earth it has already been six years since o and i remet one another and over eighteen years that we've known each other.


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