Monday, October 15, 2012

the baby shower/wedding...

o refers to the baby shower that emily, tracy, and christina threw me as the baby wedding, because it looked like a small wedding reception...everything about this celebration was so thought out.  the ladies spent so much taking making things, baking thing, and crafting that i couldn't believe it!

they cleared all the furniture out of our white room...made the low tables, the pillows with hearts on them, the hanging poms, all the food, and the napkin holders, which i'll give you a close-up of...
everything was so calming and beautiful...and the food was scrumptious!  when i showed a friend who couldn't make it a photo she commented that it looked like heaven...which is exactly how it felt.
the ladies know me so well and created a something (that while completely over-the-top) was so very simple and beautiful...
by the next day, it was if i had imagined it.  the room was back together, the guests were gone, and it was so incredible that it couldn't have been real...but it was.  i have such generous showering of love, some pillows in the nook and some leftovers in my freezer to prove it.


  1. that looks really all if it (esp the pillows and the little sailboat napkin holders). brilliant!

  2. Superb wedding baby shower. Seriously loved the décor as everything is done like a wedding. Want to throw my cousin sister a baby shower at one of San Francisco venues. Will be using some of your ideas for the day as really liked them.


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