Wednesday, October 3, 2012

on home...

o took this photo coming over the bridge...doesn't it look like a painting? lately i've been loving home in the larger sense...our town, our library, our main street, our island, our road, our walking spots, our home, our family, and the individual rooms that make up our home.

driving up to see our house glowing from the inside, hearing hobbes snore and groan in the night from somewhere in our room, finally picking a bathroom countertop (high five to my hubby), the sweet and thoughtful gifts that keep greeting me at the door, kind neighbors already bringing food, time to walk with hobbes in the peaceful woods, feeling my belly press into anyone that receives a hug, a fridge full of delicious food, and a bag packed and ready to go...oh these are the good things.  these are the things making up home right now.  and to think that it will get even better...

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