Friday, October 26, 2012


it's 8:51.  on a normal friday i'd be already at work or pulling into the parking garage.  today finds me how i'll be for the next few months...home, cozy, and not at work.

yesterday i wrapped everything up at work.  i put my out of office on my email, turned my work email off on my phone...and i'll be back there in february.  done.

these next months will be a different kind of work and the next day(s) will also be a different type of work.

my goal for today, for the right now, is to fully relax and just be.  to breathe and stretch, walk and dilly-dally.  wander, nap, read, eat.  whatever my heart desires...which is how it should be everyday, right?

first things first, mr. hobbes and i are off for two slow laps around little john on this foggy morning.

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  1. Very excited to hear the news Jill! Maybe you'll have a halloween baby? Relax and enjoy this time!


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