Monday, October 1, 2012

october first...

[sorry no photo today]

on friday we thought it might be starting...this whole labor business, but it was a false alarm.  so we spent the weekend with our friends who came up from new york.  we ate cozy foods, we had fires in the fireplace, i napped, we cheered on our friend in the rainy half marathon, and we took walks in the woods when the rain subsided.

this weekend defined cozy...and the coziness continues today.  in danish they have the word 'hygge' which translates to cozy or snug.  i love that.  today started with rain boots and warm mittens on my walk, continues with homemade soup and a chunk of fresh bread for lunch, a visit to meet a friend's new baby in her cozy nest, and then a visit to soakology after work with two dear friends followed by dinner.

what is cozy in your world right now?

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