Thursday, October 11, 2012


on sunday o and i took hobbes for a long walk at twin brook.  it was so nice and fallish, the trails were covered with leaves, and the acres and acres were surprisingly empty.  after the walk we decided to drive further into cumberland to go apple picking.  we got a bag and a tool for grabbing those high in the tree and we set out.  we got a good mix of cortlands and macs.  o wanted a few yellow delicious.  i don't like the way delicious variety apples taste, so those are all his.

we managed to walk away without even getting a cider donut.  impressive, right?

that afternoon we watched the football game...and by watched i mean i slept through the first three quarters.  sleeping with sports on in the background is the way to go.  it was a cozy fall day with my guys...just the way i like it.

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