Tuesday, October 30, 2012

a little bean...

after yesterday's appointment they estimate the baby will be under seven pounds, which makes me think about teensy tiny hats and little ears.  they also said the baby doesn't have much hair, so again a hat will be key...good thing we inherited some from eva and received some as gifts.

during the ultrasound it still felt like this is a being that we'll meet months from now, it didn't seem like a full grown (overdue) baby that we could meet any day.  it was a bit strange.  it got me thinking that this babe already has a personality and has already inherited things from us.  a few days ago i was thinking about what i hope the baby has from our families.  i decided on the following...

my dad's work ethic and drive.

my mom's spontaneity/drive-by cookie drop offs and love of libraries.

o's mom's humor and openness.

and o's dad's craftsmanship and sense of adventure.

and with all those inherited things, it will be amazing to see what the baby brings and has that is uniquely it's own thing.  when i start to think about what it will inherit from me and o i get to teary to type.  time will tell.

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  1. you and o are so generous of heart and spirit, that i know you both with give this baby the best of each of you. since he/she decided they didn't want to share birthdays with me, is it bad i now hope it is a halloween baby? hehehe...i used to wish i was a halloween baby. i thought it was the coolest thing ever. hugs to you guys!


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