Wednesday, October 31, 2012


in celebration of halloween, hobbes and i are suited up in our orange for our morning walk.  we are hoping today brings some action...i even had a middle of the night (because i couldn't sleep) seance (that's what o called it) trying to encourage baby to kick things into gear complete with candles, tea, some favorite poems, music, and some tissues.

hope you have a wonderful halloween.  we're both such scaredy cats even thinking about scary movies gets us scared.  what about you?

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

a little bean...

after yesterday's appointment they estimate the baby will be under seven pounds, which makes me think about teensy tiny hats and little ears.  they also said the baby doesn't have much hair, so again a hat will be key...good thing we inherited some from eva and received some as gifts.

during the ultrasound it still felt like this is a being that we'll meet months from now, it didn't seem like a full grown (overdue) baby that we could meet any day.  it was a bit strange.  it got me thinking that this babe already has a personality and has already inherited things from us.  a few days ago i was thinking about what i hope the baby has from our families.  i decided on the following...

my dad's work ethic and drive.

my mom's spontaneity/drive-by cookie drop offs and love of libraries.

o's mom's humor and openness.

and o's dad's craftsmanship and sense of adventure.

and with all those inherited things, it will be amazing to see what the baby brings and has that is uniquely it's own thing.  when i start to think about what it will inherit from me and o i get to teary to type.  time will tell.

Monday, October 29, 2012

this weekend in photos...

this weekend we stayed pretty close to home, but had many fun photos to show for it.  a big canvas that we ordered from our favorite wedding photo arrived.  we met christina and amelia in freeport for the pumpkinfest...
we got our faces painted and then went to gritty's to celebrate being friends...
on the drive home we stocked up on cereal in case hurricane sandy comes our way/we just wanted cereal...
these were our words of the day on sunday...o's, mine, baby's...
 we fake labored in the woods and o said it looks like i was counting for hide and seek...
 we took this girl to town to get a sandwich and it turns out i am complete weirdo when riding with the top down (as evidenced by when i kept saying "this is so weird" and when i grabbed o's leg when we went around a corner)...
 we had a doggie playdate with lucy, which concluded with sharing a bowl of water and then water barfing all over the floor.  love these two...
this morning we are off for a walk to get some exercise before the storm and then headed to a doctor's appointment.

wishing you a great day as october creeps to a close.

Friday, October 26, 2012


it's 8:51.  on a normal friday i'd be already at work or pulling into the parking garage.  today finds me how i'll be for the next few months...home, cozy, and not at work.

yesterday i wrapped everything up at work.  i put my out of office on my email, turned my work email off on my phone...and i'll be back there in february.  done.

these next months will be a different kind of work and the next day(s) will also be a different type of work.

my goal for today, for the right now, is to fully relax and just be.  to breathe and stretch, walk and dilly-dally.  wander, nap, read, eat.  whatever my heart desires...which is how it should be everyday, right?

first things first, mr. hobbes and i are off for two slow laps around little john on this foggy morning.

photo credit

Thursday, October 25, 2012

a busy morning...

i know that many of you are checking the blog to see if we've had our baby.  we haven't yet!  this morning was a fiasco getting out of the house and i didn't have time to post.  just wanted to let you know that we are here and good and still pregnant....and happy!

today is my last day of work, so i promise a great post tomorrow morning!

enjoy today!

photo by christina wnek

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

convertible for baby...

during my pregnancy o and i often end sentences with "for baby"'s a holdover from when i used to work in boston with a bunch of ladies and we'd end sentences frequently with "for girls"--as in break time for girls or coffee time for girls.

anyways...inside our garage now is jeep commando convertible...for baby!  you know cause every baby needs a car without seat belts.  the truth is we are storing this car for o's parents for the winter.  well, i think that is the truth, but i'm not sure if we are storing it short term or long term.

all i know is i've lost my spot in the garage temporarily, but soon i'll be able to take back my spot claiming "parking place for baby!"

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


this past weekend o and i went out for breakfast on both saturday and sunday.  we learned that ordering just one blueberry pancake is called a blue cake...did everyone know this already but us?

after each big breakfast we'd take a long walk with hobbes...and then i had to nap both days.  so nice.

being at stone's cafe made me think about traditions...places you go every week, people that you form patterns with, habits and preferences that suddenly become a part of who you are, what you do, and what you love.

i can't wait to see what traditions just become for our family...the things we do at first without really knowing...that suddenly become ours.

what is your favorite family tradition?  do tell!  growing up mine might have been when my mom danced the turkey before it was stuffed. did anyone else's mom do this?

Monday, October 22, 2012

waiting (and looking)...

last night we had to use an old photo to try to guesstimate where the wires for our thermostat (being installed today) was in the wall.  yup.  we drywalled over it.  we drilled a hole...and then a bigger hole.  we were using the flashlight app on o's phone and both trying to loop in the hole to see if we could see any wires up, down, left, or right.  his hand hit something and the next thing you know the shot above is what his phone showed us...two monkeys trying to crowd in and see what they could find.

we found what we were looking for and we'll have heat in our big white room by tomorrow...along with a new boiler being installed.  i'm pretty sure this is all that we'll be getting each other for christmas this year. yowsa!

and we are now a day past our due date, which is silly to even say considering my first due date was november 2.  but we are still in this place of semi-normalcy and waiting...a place of in between.  i recall my friend christine saying that she would go to bed and wonder is tonight the night? and then she'd wake up and wonder is today the day?  i can certainly relate to that in this past week.

i found a great article about this time of waiting by jana studelska, which i've excerpt below...

the last days of pregnancy— sometimes stretching to agonizing weeks—are a distinct place, time, event, stage. it is a time of in between. neither here nor there. your old self and your new self, balanced on the edge of a pregnancy. one foot in your old world, one foot in a new world.
shouldn’t there be a word for this state of being, describing the time and place where mothers linger, waiting to be called forward?  our language and culture fails us. this surely explains why many women find this time so complicated and tricky. but whether we recognize it or not, these last days of pregnancy are a distinct biologic and psychological event, essential to the birth of a mother.
i believe that this is more than biological. it is spiritual. to give birth, whether at home in a birth tub with candles and family or in a surgical suite with machines and a neonatal team, a woman must go to the place between this world and the next, to that thin membrane between here and there. to the place where life comes from, to the mystery, in order to reach over to bring forth the child that is hers. 
little one we are patiently waiting for your arrival...we're here (and we have heat!), so come when you are ready!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

like father like son...

hobbes, who saw a bug the other day in the kitchen, jumped up by the sink and o snapped this shot...doesn't it look like he's doing the dishes?  o loves doing the dishes and apparently hobbes does, too.

it's official...we are crazy dog people.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


the girl who looks like she swallowed a basketball and the boy who loves bright outerwear.

photo by christina wnek

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

the dog and the bump...

my dear friend and incredible photographer, christina wnek, and i met after work last week for a photo shoot to capture my baby bump.  she sent me these incredible photos.  it's strange to see the photos because even though i'm quite small...the bump is way bigger in real life than the angle that i see it from when looking down.  my due date is sunday...and this being is going to enter the world soon.  i will get to watch it take it's first breath, hear it's first cry, and be the first person that it sees.  in the millions of moments over the past forty weeks the world has been trying to preparing me for that which you can't prepare for...and then in one moment i will become a mother and o will become a father.  it blows my mind.  it scares me a little bit.  it makes my eyes fill with tears almost instantly.  it makes me wonder how on earth it has already been six years since o and i remet one another and over eighteen years that we've known each other.

Monday, October 15, 2012

the baby shower/wedding...

o refers to the baby shower that emily, tracy, and christina threw me as the baby wedding, because it looked like a small wedding reception...everything about this celebration was so thought out.  the ladies spent so much taking making things, baking thing, and crafting that i couldn't believe it!

they cleared all the furniture out of our white room...made the low tables, the pillows with hearts on them, the hanging poms, all the food, and the napkin holders, which i'll give you a close-up of...
everything was so calming and beautiful...and the food was scrumptious!  when i showed a friend who couldn't make it a photo she commented that it looked like heaven...which is exactly how it felt.
the ladies know me so well and created a something (that while completely over-the-top) was so very simple and beautiful...
by the next day, it was if i had imagined it.  the room was back together, the guests were gone, and it was so incredible that it couldn't have been real...but it was.  i have such generous showering of love, some pillows in the nook and some leftovers in my freezer to prove it.

Friday, October 12, 2012

mr. nose...

i'm still not quite sure how to post about the shower that my friends threw me last week...the iphone photos i took don't even begin to capture how heavenly and gorgeous it was.  and beyond a tear-filled thank you, i haven't been able to come up with the words to say how appreciative i am for the hours and hours (and love) that went into the party.

in the meantime, this photo captures our family at this time.  our due date is under ten days away and i can't tell what is going to happen...and that is the best part.

have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, October 11, 2012


on sunday o and i took hobbes for a long walk at twin brook.  it was so nice and fallish, the trails were covered with leaves, and the acres and acres were surprisingly empty.  after the walk we decided to drive further into cumberland to go apple picking.  we got a bag and a tool for grabbing those high in the tree and we set out.  we got a good mix of cortlands and macs.  o wanted a few yellow delicious.  i don't like the way delicious variety apples taste, so those are all his.

we managed to walk away without even getting a cider donut.  impressive, right?

that afternoon we watched the football game...and by watched i mean i slept through the first three quarters.  sleeping with sports on in the background is the way to go.  it was a cozy fall day with my guys...just the way i like it.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

three day weekends...

i'm going to start with yesterday and work my way backwards through the weekend, because i'm not even sure how to begin to describe the shower that my friends threw for me on saturday.

so monday...o woke up with a terrible cold and slept the whole day.  i took hobbes for a long walk at the estuary, which was wonderful.  i went to the grocery store and bought supplies for my day.  i started cooking three different soups (chicken veggie, squash and carrot, and turkey chili) and made two pans of turkey meatloaf.  all of the items were made to freeze, so we can have a healthy home cooked meal once things get busier with the baby.  i had a really fun time cooking and chopping...of course i sort of looked at recipes and then went off on my own.

when i woke o up just before dark, because i always hated as a kid sleeping in the afternoon and waking up confused when it was dark (what day is it? and that was o's first question), he came downstairs for a warm bowl of soup.  it hit the spot.

i read for a while and gave hobbes some was the perfect extra day.

Friday, October 5, 2012

the happiness shower...

at work, i'm part of a book group that has spent the last few months reading the happiness project.  we meet at lunch once a month. it's a group of people that at the beginning i didn't know very well (in some cases at all).

yesterday we were scheduled to meet at 4:15pm because one of our book club members (that we usually skype in from texas) was in the office.  i was meeting with a dear colleague who is taking a significant portion of my work while i'm on leave and we were going over everything.  i watched as the clock approached 4, then 4:15, and then i realized that i was going to have to miss book club in order to finish what i was working on.

at 4:19 one of the book club members came to my desk and asked, "are you coming downstairs for book club?" to which i told her that i wasn't going to be able to make it.  she paused, looked at me and then blurted out "there is apple crisp and a baby shower downstairs for should come!"

i felt terrible and yet so very honored.  my happiness group had planned this special surprise shower that i almost missed.  i ran downstairs and my oh my.  the group had made banana bread, ginger cake, apple crisp (and they had vanilla ice cream) and they had each brought a children's book to give me.  oh and they had flowers! i was overwhelmed by their kindness, the surprise, and the love.

thank you happiness group...sorry for almost missing this!  i'm continuously reminded of just how many generous and kind and giving folks i work's amazing and i feel so lucky.

Thursday, October 4, 2012


i've been sleeping pretty well lately, but the simple act of rolling from one side to the other is getting to be nearly impossible.  last night i woke up around 4:45am.  the baby was moving all around.  i fell back asleep thinking about all people in my life that i love and that i'm grateful for...then i woke up to my alarm going off.  it's a sleepy day here, but we did our walk this morning.  and it is raspberry buckwheat scone day at standard baking...which is always a good thing.

amidst my sleepy haze, i'm looking forward to dinner with a soon-to-be mama tonight, a three day weekend, getting a massage at akari on saturday, and a special little something that christina and tracy have up their sleeve on saturday evening.

photo credit

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

on home...

o took this photo coming over the bridge...doesn't it look like a painting? lately i've been loving home in the larger sense...our town, our library, our main street, our island, our road, our walking spots, our home, our family, and the individual rooms that make up our home.

driving up to see our house glowing from the inside, hearing hobbes snore and groan in the night from somewhere in our room, finally picking a bathroom countertop (high five to my hubby), the sweet and thoughtful gifts that keep greeting me at the door, kind neighbors already bringing food, time to walk with hobbes in the peaceful woods, feeling my belly press into anyone that receives a hug, a fridge full of delicious food, and a bag packed and ready to go...oh these are the good things.  these are the things making up home right now.  and to think that it will get even better...

Monday, October 1, 2012

october first...

[sorry no photo today]

on friday we thought it might be starting...this whole labor business, but it was a false alarm.  so we spent the weekend with our friends who came up from new york.  we ate cozy foods, we had fires in the fireplace, i napped, we cheered on our friend in the rainy half marathon, and we took walks in the woods when the rain subsided.

this weekend defined cozy...and the coziness continues today.  in danish they have the word 'hygge' which translates to cozy or snug.  i love that.  today started with rain boots and warm mittens on my walk, continues with homemade soup and a chunk of fresh bread for lunch, a visit to meet a friend's new baby in her cozy nest, and then a visit to soakology after work with two dear friends followed by dinner.

what is cozy in your world right now?
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