Thursday, September 13, 2012

to be showered with love...

the other night some sweet co-workers organized a baby shower for me...which was supposed to be a surprise, but the beans were spilled by my well-intentioned boss.  showers...or i should say, being showered, makes me a little uncomfortable.  but then i realized how lucky i am to be surrounded during my work day by such great people, who want to do this for i let them do their thing.  they had a beautiful table of food with all kinds of yummy salads and delicious food.  and someone must have told them how much i've been liking ice cream, because they had the most delicious  flavors of gelato and ice cream.  i went with a scoop of peanut butter and a scoop of coconut with shaved coconut, peanuts, and a little chocolate sauce on top.  i would have been happy with that--a lovely meal with sweet people, but then the ladies threw it over the top.

catherine, who was our wedding officiant, had asked everyone to bring two beads--one with a wish for me and one with a wish for our little one.  together the beads would be strung on a strand, making a chain of love, good wishes, and support for me to have in these next week, in labor, and beyond.  we sat around one another and they each dropped their beads into a bowl sharing those wishes with me and the group.  hello tear-fest!  i wish i had recorded their kind words and wishes...they were amazing.  i can't wait to show you the beads--they are all so different and so special.

and after all of that incredibleness, they had all pitched in to get us our stroller.  when i opened the box i burst into tears out of thanks and being a bit overwhelmed by their generosity.

oh thanks to you for coming together to shower me and the little one with so much love, friendship, and happy tears.

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