Friday, September 14, 2012

three things...

recently i saw three things that made me very happy (two things i saw in person and one o saw in the paris airport and sent to me).

the first was a car with two dogs with their heads out the same window.  i thought i was seeing things and then realized i'd just seen two pups, noses out, wind in their fur, happy happy happy.

second, i've noticed (and recall the same was true last year) there is one tree just off cousins island near the fels grove preserve that already thinks it is fall.  leaves are orange, some are dropping, and all around the trees and leaves are still green.  i think this tree is the leader of the pack...reminding others what to do and each of us what is coming soon.

lastly, and seen above, o spotted this woman in charles de gaulle airport wearing an airedale terrier vest.  how awesome is that?!

let me know, what's been making you very happy lately?

1 comment:

  1. 60 degree weather in michigan!!! and a baby starting to smile and coo!!


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