Tuesday, September 18, 2012

thinking about...

today i'm thinking about...

how this weather reminds me of field hockey season...complete with peanut butter balls from the market basket.

how much joy i get from walking in the room when hobbes is sleeping and watching him stretch and roll and groan...i can't resist giving him belly rubs.

how special our anniversary dinner was last week and how much fun we had exchanging our letters and naming our baby (it's true...our list is done!).

how grateful i am to have inherited martin and russ' plants...they make our home so beautiful.

how amazing it is to watch my belly roll and move as legs and hands swim around.

how much i love potatoes...baked, mashed, french fried, in latkes, any way!

how strange time feels right now.

how excited i am to pop into hamilton marine before work to pick up a map...i could get lost in that place.

how special it was to talk with my aunt on the phone on sunday evening.  xo!

how much comfort i feel at home.

what are you thinking about today?

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  1. i am thinking about a couple of sewing projects i want to start...which leads me to the sewing projects i still need to finish...

    ...about the warm wind today, which can't fool me anymore...it is autumn and i love it...

    ...embroidery projects yet to begin...

    ...friends that are away from me and how i want to hug them...

    ...and lastly, i am thinking about what you are going to name the baby! can't wait! :)


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