Friday, September 21, 2012

september 21...

today is a month from my estimated due date, which actually means nothing (this baby could come today or six weeks from now)...but it feels like a really big deal.  i recall months ago thinking when i'm a month away, that will be CRAZY. i was right, this feels a little crazy.

so i'm celebrating today by...going to the common ground country fair with my dear friend christina, getting hobbes some extra love with a good wash and trim at the groomer, thinking about the earth wind and fire song september (do you remember...the twenty-first night of september), signing our agreement with our doula (hooray for an amazing birth team), and maybe sneaking a few special treats.

this weekend is filled with more house details, visits from friends, and amazing fall air.  what about you?  what's the plan for the weekend?

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  1. I went to the Common Ground Fair for the first time when I was pregnant and it was my favorite time (I've been twice since and it never lives up for some reason) any case, when I was pregnant and there on this amazing fall day, it felt so fertile in all respects. I felt like Mother Earth herself!


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