Wednesday, September 12, 2012

photographic memories...

yesterday was so special i don't even know where to start, but i'll try (it is going to take a few posts).

imagine getting an email from the technology department where you work saying to remove any personal photos from a certain location on our network.  i don't have any there i thought to myself, but i went to look to be sure.  i landed upon literally hundreds of photos from my old iphone.  my heart nearly tripled in size...i found photos of the day we moved into romasco, when we got engaged, the day we got hobbes, emily's dance party, the horrible cake we bought trent, visiting new babies in the hospital, lauren and hobbes cuddling on the eastern prom, silly days, snowy days, finger injury photos, and so so so much more.

these photos took me back and made me so happy to remember the moments that i hadn't forgotten, but that needed a refresher.

the photo above is the first day we brought hobbes that point i had no clue how much silliness and love i'd experience, how many hours we'd spend walking together at wonderful places, and how much he would grow.

thank you nikki for that made my day!

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