Monday, September 17, 2012

men at work...

{o and my bro testing out the new bed}

on sunday my dad and my brother drove down to unload a bunch of furniture, help us set things up, and get the house in order.  it was amazing.  it was the day that i've been wanting for weeks (months?!)...we assembled our new bed (this is the first real bed that o and i have had, not just a mattress on the floor or a metal frame), assembled our new guest bed, assembled the futon frame for o's office, moved all the painted dressers and furniture into their spaces, unpacked our new couch, set up the big white room with furniture, pruned plants, helped with potted plants, and so much more.

we went from living in a renovation zone/house to seeing visible changes this weekend.  i'm so excited.  this weekend we have someone coming in to tile the bathroom and someone to do the trim in the big white room.

as i write this it is below 40 degrees in maine this morning, which i sort of love.  getting our house ready for this coziest time feels so special.  i'm just hoping it doesn't get too cold before the baby comes...i can't zip any jackets over my belly!

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  1. yay! progess! :) can't wait to see pics of everything... (what? was that a hint?) so happy it is all coming together.


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