Tuesday, September 11, 2012

last night...

yesterday was our first anniversary.  o had to leave on an overseas work trip and i went to a class at the hospital in preparation for the kiddo.  when i got home, around nine p.m. the lights were off in the house and as i hoisted/rolled myself out of the car i looked up in the sky.  it felt like i was in a planetarium...and like this night. and it felt like the weather on our honeymoon...cool and clear nights and beautiful days.  

i came inside, woke mr. hobbes up and we went and walked around the yard.  it felt like the beginning of fall...cool, crisp, and perfect.  for some reason i got a little teary walking around out there.  the stars, the weather, the glow from inside the house, a sweet dog, and a kicking baby.  suddenly it felt like our anniversary...even though we were apart.

i came inside, promptly opened my bedroom window (i love sleeping under a warm comforter in a cold room), and climbed into bed with my book and my dog.

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