Tuesday, September 4, 2012

home work...

{no photos today...sorry}

we worked so hard on our house this weekend.  my folks came down and they helped carpet the mudroom and painted all of the trim for our white room, and primed two dressers, a desk, and the drawers and doors from the upstairs bathroom.  o installed the skirt board on the deck, hung the bathroom specific sheetrock, changed electrical outlets, did a dump run, and so much more.  i made curtains and pillowcases for the baby room, deep cleaned both of our offices, organized our mudroom, and did laundry.

we picked out tile for the bathroom and we are working on the bathroom counter and sink.

things are coming together, but we still have more to do.  i get overwhelmed so easily right now, which isn't good...for anyone.  and also just feels terrible.

my folks are coming back down on wednesday to finish painting.  then i'll be able to pull my office together and we'll be able to move all of our clothes upstairs.  this weekend we pickup our new bed frame, the bed for our guest room from o's childhood home, and a futon and a frame for o's office.  things are happening.

busy busy times and the baby has been busy busy moving all around lately.


  1. Sorry you are feeling overwhelmed! I am sure hormones aren't helping right now. I love that your house is such a team effort!! Babies are pretty easy going when it comes to their surroundings, so I'm sure he/she will be happy just be coming home to your arms when the time comes...and they can sleep through anything, including harmonicas being played in their face and/or hammering/sawing happening in the other room. xoxo

  2. i know overwhelmed (maybe not quite like this...) and all you can do is take a breath and tackle one thing at a time. it will all get done, maybe not exactly when you want it to, but when it needs to be. and like abby said above, babies don't sweat the small stuff. they just wanna hug and sleep and cuddle with mom and dad. they could care less if the bathroom is tiled when they are 2 months or 4 months...hehehe...hang in there, you and o are making a wonderful home and family. :)

  3. You have to invite more friends to help you, its that easy if there are double as much persons. And the baby needs its time, dont leave it alone in this time of works. But surely you will enjoy all of the efforts and the baby also!


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