Friday, September 28, 2012


hobbes and i are in a new routine.  we wake a little later, we walk little john, we stop at the new bench and look at the sun over the water, we frantically chase chipmunks as they chirp and tweet, we walk a little slower, and we always carry a little piece of cheese.

this weekend's forecast looks to be rainy and in the 50s...all weekend.  we have friends coming up to run the maine half i'm already planning to hit the farmer's market, make a big spaghetti feed, have a fire and be cozy, and make my first soup of the season for lunch when we get back from watching the race.

we may not have lots of beautiful walks in the next few days, but fall is here...and it's my favorite.  

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  1. autumn is my favorite too! already made a big pot of indian lentil (dal) yummy. it fed 4 people the first night, then 2 more big bowls for dinner for me and eric, and then we froze 2 more quarts! it was a lot of soup...but had a nice heat to it and we ate it with roasted garlic bread and it was the best combination.


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