Monday, September 24, 2012

crispy monday...

hobbes and i got up for a walk at little john this morning.  i think his foot/leg is fully healed, but we are still taking it as slow as we can and chasing the occasional squirrel or falling acorn.  this weekend was an extra long one, and those are the best.  christina and i had a great adventure at the common ground fair.  there were two highlights, one i'll share now and one i'll share tomorrow.  i finally got to meet amanda blake soule...yup soulemama was there and i got up the courage to go say hi.  i've seen her so many times around portland and somehow this was finally the right time to say hello.  she was lovely, as was her booth and her new magazine taproot (hooray for a free first issue).  more on the fair tomorrow and about this weekend throughout the week.

i snapped this quick shot this morning...which makes it look like i can actually see my feet (i can't!).
these fall-ish mornings are perfect and crisp...i've loved my slower mornings, but i've been missing my walks with hobbes.  it's good to be back in the routine.


  1. i thought you might finally meet her at the fair and break the stalking streak. :)

  2. your belly is so cute! profile soon, please!?! i had a feeling you might meet ms. soule!! :)


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