Friday, September 28, 2012


hobbes and i are in a new routine.  we wake a little later, we walk little john, we stop at the new bench and look at the sun over the water, we frantically chase chipmunks as they chirp and tweet, we walk a little slower, and we always carry a little piece of cheese.

this weekend's forecast looks to be rainy and in the 50s...all weekend.  we have friends coming up to run the maine half i'm already planning to hit the farmer's market, make a big spaghetti feed, have a fire and be cozy, and make my first soup of the season for lunch when we get back from watching the race.

we may not have lots of beautiful walks in the next few days, but fall is here...and it's my favorite.  

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

knock knock...

last night i had a work call with a colleague in asia that started at 9pm...that's late for a pregnant lady.  o was exhausted and went to bed early and mr. hobbes was outside.  i was on the call and could hear hobbes barking but was engrossed in what i was doing.  the call went on for over an hour and a half...then i heard a knock at the door.  it was the guy above...just kidding...but that's what it felt like.  hobbes was being too loud.  this likely means one of our neighbors who now hates us/hobbes called in a noise complaint.  that makes me feel terrible...really terrible.  i tried to get him inside (hobbes, not the cop) and he was running around the yard excited by the action.  in the process of trying to get him inside him i pull some muscles in my upper back.  ouch.

hobbes got in the house and within two seconds was asleep on the floor, i apologized to the cops (and am currently sending out an apology to the universe and our neighbor)s, and promptly went upstairs to bed where i curled up, got a nice back rub, and cried a little.  today i'll go swimming during lunch to try to make my back feel better.

hobbes is out for a long walk now with o before the rains come today.  hoping that the extra scoop of peanut butter in my oatmeal is a start to better things on the way today.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


while at the common ground fair, christina found an awesome local vendor, named cole, who was doing tintypes.  i didn't know anything about them (do you? if not, click here to read more), but christina assured me i would love this memento and image.  so we did what any good ladies would do, we negotiated a deal for two (one for each of us) and we got down to business.  they had costumes and props, but we decided that 20 years from we'd love to look back on these images knowing that this was a day that two (that's right, two!) pregnant ladies spent the day at the fair.

oh and what a good day!

photo by christina

Monday, September 24, 2012

crispy monday...

hobbes and i got up for a walk at little john this morning.  i think his foot/leg is fully healed, but we are still taking it as slow as we can and chasing the occasional squirrel or falling acorn.  this weekend was an extra long one, and those are the best.  christina and i had a great adventure at the common ground fair.  there were two highlights, one i'll share now and one i'll share tomorrow.  i finally got to meet amanda blake soule...yup soulemama was there and i got up the courage to go say hi.  i've seen her so many times around portland and somehow this was finally the right time to say hello.  she was lovely, as was her booth and her new magazine taproot (hooray for a free first issue).  more on the fair tomorrow and about this weekend throughout the week.

i snapped this quick shot this morning...which makes it look like i can actually see my feet (i can't!).
these fall-ish mornings are perfect and crisp...i've loved my slower mornings, but i've been missing my walks with hobbes.  it's good to be back in the routine.

Friday, September 21, 2012

september 21...

today is a month from my estimated due date, which actually means nothing (this baby could come today or six weeks from now)...but it feels like a really big deal.  i recall months ago thinking when i'm a month away, that will be CRAZY. i was right, this feels a little crazy.

so i'm celebrating today by...going to the common ground country fair with my dear friend christina, getting hobbes some extra love with a good wash and trim at the groomer, thinking about the earth wind and fire song september (do you remember...the twenty-first night of september), signing our agreement with our doula (hooray for an amazing birth team), and maybe sneaking a few special treats.

this weekend is filled with more house details, visits from friends, and amazing fall air.  what about you?  what's the plan for the weekend?

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

people heart...

while it think i could be terribly claustrophobic if i was in the middle of the heart, i think it would be so cool to be a part of this...or something written out of people that you can see from above.

until that day comes, i'm off to go swimming/floating this morning before work. i admitted to o that sometimes when i'm alone in their i just dance around in the super slow one person ballroom dancing...or two person with the little one, right?

happy wednesday!

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

thinking about...

today i'm thinking about...

how this weather reminds me of field hockey season...complete with peanut butter balls from the market basket.

how much joy i get from walking in the room when hobbes is sleeping and watching him stretch and roll and groan...i can't resist giving him belly rubs.

how special our anniversary dinner was last week and how much fun we had exchanging our letters and naming our baby (it's true...our list is done!).

how grateful i am to have inherited martin and russ' plants...they make our home so beautiful.

how amazing it is to watch my belly roll and move as legs and hands swim around.

how much i love potatoes...baked, mashed, french fried, in latkes, any way!

how strange time feels right now.

how excited i am to pop into hamilton marine before work to pick up a map...i could get lost in that place.

how special it was to talk with my aunt on the phone on sunday evening.  xo!

how much comfort i feel at home.

what are you thinking about today?

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Monday, September 17, 2012

men at work...

{o and my bro testing out the new bed}

on sunday my dad and my brother drove down to unload a bunch of furniture, help us set things up, and get the house in order.  it was amazing.  it was the day that i've been wanting for weeks (months?!)...we assembled our new bed (this is the first real bed that o and i have had, not just a mattress on the floor or a metal frame), assembled our new guest bed, assembled the futon frame for o's office, moved all the painted dressers and furniture into their spaces, unpacked our new couch, set up the big white room with furniture, pruned plants, helped with potted plants, and so much more.

we went from living in a renovation zone/house to seeing visible changes this weekend.  i'm so excited.  this weekend we have someone coming in to tile the bathroom and someone to do the trim in the big white room.

as i write this it is below 40 degrees in maine this morning, which i sort of love.  getting our house ready for this coziest time feels so special.  i'm just hoping it doesn't get too cold before the baby comes...i can't zip any jackets over my belly!

Friday, September 14, 2012

three things...

recently i saw three things that made me very happy (two things i saw in person and one o saw in the paris airport and sent to me).

the first was a car with two dogs with their heads out the same window.  i thought i was seeing things and then realized i'd just seen two pups, noses out, wind in their fur, happy happy happy.

second, i've noticed (and recall the same was true last year) there is one tree just off cousins island near the fels grove preserve that already thinks it is fall.  leaves are orange, some are dropping, and all around the trees and leaves are still green.  i think this tree is the leader of the pack...reminding others what to do and each of us what is coming soon.

lastly, and seen above, o spotted this woman in charles de gaulle airport wearing an airedale terrier vest.  how awesome is that?!

let me know, what's been making you very happy lately?

Thursday, September 13, 2012

to be showered with love...

the other night some sweet co-workers organized a baby shower for me...which was supposed to be a surprise, but the beans were spilled by my well-intentioned boss.  showers...or i should say, being showered, makes me a little uncomfortable.  but then i realized how lucky i am to be surrounded during my work day by such great people, who want to do this for i let them do their thing.  they had a beautiful table of food with all kinds of yummy salads and delicious food.  and someone must have told them how much i've been liking ice cream, because they had the most delicious  flavors of gelato and ice cream.  i went with a scoop of peanut butter and a scoop of coconut with shaved coconut, peanuts, and a little chocolate sauce on top.  i would have been happy with that--a lovely meal with sweet people, but then the ladies threw it over the top.

catherine, who was our wedding officiant, had asked everyone to bring two beads--one with a wish for me and one with a wish for our little one.  together the beads would be strung on a strand, making a chain of love, good wishes, and support for me to have in these next week, in labor, and beyond.  we sat around one another and they each dropped their beads into a bowl sharing those wishes with me and the group.  hello tear-fest!  i wish i had recorded their kind words and wishes...they were amazing.  i can't wait to show you the beads--they are all so different and so special.

and after all of that incredibleness, they had all pitched in to get us our stroller.  when i opened the box i burst into tears out of thanks and being a bit overwhelmed by their generosity.

oh thanks to you for coming together to shower me and the little one with so much love, friendship, and happy tears.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

photographic memories...

yesterday was so special i don't even know where to start, but i'll try (it is going to take a few posts).

imagine getting an email from the technology department where you work saying to remove any personal photos from a certain location on our network.  i don't have any there i thought to myself, but i went to look to be sure.  i landed upon literally hundreds of photos from my old iphone.  my heart nearly tripled in size...i found photos of the day we moved into romasco, when we got engaged, the day we got hobbes, emily's dance party, the horrible cake we bought trent, visiting new babies in the hospital, lauren and hobbes cuddling on the eastern prom, silly days, snowy days, finger injury photos, and so so so much more.

these photos took me back and made me so happy to remember the moments that i hadn't forgotten, but that needed a refresher.

the photo above is the first day we brought hobbes that point i had no clue how much silliness and love i'd experience, how many hours we'd spend walking together at wonderful places, and how much he would grow.

thank you nikki for that made my day!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

last night...

yesterday was our first anniversary.  o had to leave on an overseas work trip and i went to a class at the hospital in preparation for the kiddo.  when i got home, around nine p.m. the lights were off in the house and as i hoisted/rolled myself out of the car i looked up in the sky.  it felt like i was in a planetarium...and like this night. and it felt like the weather on our and clear nights and beautiful days.  

i came inside, woke mr. hobbes up and we went and walked around the yard.  it felt like the beginning of, crisp, and perfect.  for some reason i got a little teary walking around out there.  the stars, the weather, the glow from inside the house, a sweet dog, and a kicking baby.  suddenly it felt like our anniversary...even though we were apart.

i came inside, promptly opened my bedroom window (i love sleeping under a warm comforter in a cold room), and climbed into bed with my book and my dog.

Monday, September 10, 2012

a wedding...

this weekend we celebrated the marriage of our friends kris and ji.  just look at how beautiful they looked!  o and kris have been friends since the 5th grade and o was honored to stand beside kris in the wedding.  he snapped this photo of kris and his dad that i just love...

one thing that kris and ji did at their wedding was that they seated john stamos at our table.  there was no guest with this name, maybe just a hope that he'd show up.  we decided that everyone should set a place for stamos at their wedding and who knows...maybe he'd start showing up!  a good idea, no?

we had a wonderful time at the wedding.  it was so special to celebrate friends and their marriage, while celebrating our anniversary!

Friday, September 7, 2012

this weekend...

a year ago this weekend we were surrounded by friends and family on the coast of maine celebrating our wedding.  it's funny, because this weekend we are going to the wedding of a dear friend on the coast of maine.  its' a nice way to remember.

i plan to find lots of rocks on the beach, try to get my dance on, and rest a bunch. what about you?  what's on the agenda?

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

the paint shop...

check it out...all of this was primed and painted by my parents.  thanks mom and dad!  it looks great and we love it!

i'm so excited for sunday, when we move all of these items and the beds in upstairs.  it will be visible progress!  

ooh in other exciting news...we ordered our bathroom tile yesterday.  annnnd we might just be putting ocean stones in as a decorative element.  exciting times.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

a night on chebeague...

on saturday, after a very long day of work, we walked to the chebeague ferry and 15 minutes later we were a world away.  we went out to chebeague for dinner with friends.  we did apps, a make your own pizza, fresh farmers market salads...and amanda made dirt (crumbled oreos, chocolate pudding, and whipped cream).  i ate well that night.

i loved being with friends, everyone helping out with the food preparation, and the quiet ferry ride and walk home.

we hadn't been out to "the rock" all summer, so it was extra special to be out there with such great friends.  it was a nice end to summer, even though i refuse to think about the end of august as the end of summer...i'm sticking with end of september.

who's with me?

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

home work...

{no photos today...sorry}

we worked so hard on our house this weekend.  my folks came down and they helped carpet the mudroom and painted all of the trim for our white room, and primed two dressers, a desk, and the drawers and doors from the upstairs bathroom.  o installed the skirt board on the deck, hung the bathroom specific sheetrock, changed electrical outlets, did a dump run, and so much more.  i made curtains and pillowcases for the baby room, deep cleaned both of our offices, organized our mudroom, and did laundry.

we picked out tile for the bathroom and we are working on the bathroom counter and sink.

things are coming together, but we still have more to do.  i get overwhelmed so easily right now, which isn't good...for anyone.  and also just feels terrible.

my folks are coming back down on wednesday to finish painting.  then i'll be able to pull my office together and we'll be able to move all of our clothes upstairs.  this weekend we pickup our new bed frame, the bed for our guest room from o's childhood home, and a futon and a frame for o's office.  things are happening.

busy busy times and the baby has been busy busy moving all around lately.
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