Thursday, August 9, 2012


today is overcast and foggy in our neck of the woods.  hobbes and i went to the beach this morning and everything appeared in greyscale.  i was reminded of what a small little square of cheese can do to make a dog obey.  o and i meet at the doctor's office this morning for an appointment.  i always like these appointments.  then i arrive at work to an exciting day.   we're hosting former senator george mitchell in our office this afternoon, which will be wonderful.  later i get to see my mother-in-law on her way to pick up my (i've never called him this before) brother-in-law from the airport.  he's here for a week!

amidst all that is going on, my mind feels a little fuzzy today...just like it is outside.

nothing that my plans of a dinner comprised of a burrito and an ice cream with a fellow pregnant lady can't remedy!  you ready nina?!


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  1. imagine what a whole block of dubliner would do for obedience!?


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