Monday, August 20, 2012

this weekend...

hello friends, we spent the weekend working our tails off.  with six sets of hands (thank you tom, dyan, mom, evan, and o!) we pruned trees, mowed lawns, weeded gardens, painted furniture, drawers, and doors, took a carload to the swap shop and the dump, cleaned out crawl spaces, finished assembling the crib, organized closets, sorted hand me down baby clothes, installed a handrail up the stairs, made some good decisions on the bathroom renovation, worked on the bathroom, cleaned and organized the garage, did laundry, spray painted our new to us hanging fruit basket (see dreams do come true), waxed the car, and...we went to the furniture store and finally bought the two chairs to go with our couch.  phew.

we decided to start our sunday morning off right.  we made a yummy breakfast and then took a long walk with hobbes around little john island before we dove into work.  it only took us a few tries to get the photo above.

later this week i'll share some sneak peek photos of the baby room.  i already love it up there...imagine when there is an actual baby that lives there?

what about you?  what was something from your weekend that still has you smiling?

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  1. Do you know how to relax? You are supposed to relax BEFORE the baby comes because there is no relaxing once that happens!


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