Wednesday, August 8, 2012

the weekend with hobbes...

the tides worked in hobbes favor this weekend, as our morning walk corresponded with low tide.  we went to sandy point both mornings.  saturday we met five awesome dogs that loved running, swimming, and chasing tennis balls.  at one point he was swimming with a tennis ball in his mouth and he saw another in the water.  he worked for about a minute trying to get both and then success.  he swam to shore with two tennis balls in his mouth.  he swam for over a hour.  on sunday it was just me, hobbes, a tennis ball, and the chuck-it.  he swam so far and was so very happy.  hobbes got home and immediately fell asleep both days.  zzzz...
during his awake times he guarded his new plants and relaxed...and strategically placed himself in the kitchen, should any crumbs of cheese fall.
it was a good weekend to be mr. hobbes!

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