Tuesday, August 14, 2012

the sleep fairy...

my friend christina lent me her snoogle or snoodle or whatever it is called, as sleeping has become a bit tough in the past few days.  who would think that a pillow shaped like the letter c could change everything, but man o man...last night was a good sleep.  this morning o asked how i did last night and i showed him how it all worked in the snuggle...he gave it a try and he's hooked!  

thank you miss christina, sleep fairy and sweet friend.


  1. Watch out - I had to wean myself from this glorious pillow after I had little A! (So glad that it helped!)

  2. Funny, I just looked up "body pillow" today on amazon and I wasn't sure what to make of this pillow when it came up. My husband is afraid it will be a "husband blocker" but I'm 6 months pregnant and it sounds soooo nice....

  3. Sush - I just faced the open side of the "C" toward the middle of the bed. So when I rolled one way I was hugging it and the other way I was sort of leaning on it. I didn't mind the two different ways of using it and it was great because that way I didn't have a big blockade between me and my hubby! And trust me, it's worth it!


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