Thursday, August 30, 2012


lately it seems like we can't get a night where everyone has a good night of sleep in this house.  i end up out on the couch in the middle of the night, because i just can't think of rolling over in the bed one more time.  and the baby seems to be pretty active in the middle of the night, too.  o has also had restless nights.  oh and hobbes...even him sometimes. i'm doing okay, because i'm getting enough and not awake through the whole night. oh but yesterday i went to christina and amelia's after work and during story time i laid on the floor...and almost fell asleep.

last night i found my way to the couch just before 4 and fell asleep.  at just around 6:30 i was awakened from a peaceful sleep to a charlie horse in my right calf.  yowsa.

i'm curious, what do you when you can't sleep?  get up? read? count your teeth with your tongue?  count sheep?  do tell...

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  1. i haven't had real insomnia in many years...and when i did, it was when i first discovered the internet...oh! the crazy shit i would read at 4:30, if i am not going to sleep, it is usually at the beginning of the night, so i read, watch tv (late night tv can be so entertaining...), i have embroidered, or just surf the internet...looking at craft blogs or spend time looking through flickr. i have no trick to get back to sleep, i just entertain myself until my body has had enough. :) here's to the four (4!) of you having many nights of restful, peaceful sleep... :)


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