Thursday, August 16, 2012

rain rain...

this morning we got up, just one minute before the alarm, put on the old rain coat and headed out for a walk.  it's the kind of day where i have to fight every urge to not get back into bed.  oh but today is an exciting day.  i got to take a soaking walk with hobbes that was refreshing, i get to see one of my favorite doctors, i have a super interesting meeting this afternoon, and tonight we are getting things ready for our family work weekend.

yesterday was filled with such incredible generosity...a friend gave me so so so many items from her daughter, including a beautiful crib mattress.  i'm overwhelmed by how many pre-loved items have already found their way into our home.  it's so special...and we are so grateful.

so alongside the pitter patter of rain today is the pitter patter of a very full so big that it sprouted into two!

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