Tuesday, August 7, 2012

gentlemen of the road...

on saturday night we joined 15, 998 other people on the eastern promenade of portland for the gentlemen of the road stopover tour...a daylong music event headlined by mumford and sons.  we found some seats on the grass, but it was absolute chaos, so we moved up and over to the informal family area and we were so much happier!  here's a picture of the crowd from the portland press herald...
our first seats were near the stage just above the horizontal green line.  our second seats were in the top left area.  ahhh, so much better.  the people watching the whole day was truly amazing!  i don't even know where to begin.  since i was such a voyeur, it's only fair that i share a bump photo.  
the music was wonderful.  the night was absolutely perfect.  i'm hopeful that this won't be the last concert on the eastern promenade.  i'm already thinking about my dream line-up.  if you could plan a day-long music festival, who would be on the bill?

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  1. I'm so happy you found a happy spot. I heard it was a bit crazy, but fantastic concert! If I had to choose my favs for the eastern prom I'd make it acoustic (less of a crowd!) and add Brandi Carlile, Ingrid Michaelson, The Head & The Heart, Mumford & Sons, and The Decemberists. There are many more I enjoy, but I think this would be a great combo, don't you? ;)


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