Thursday, August 2, 2012

evening picnic...

on the way home last night i stopped at rosemont for picnic supplies.  i grabbed by brimfield picnic basket and filled it with treats...focaccia with goat cheese, avocado, pesto, and tomatoes.  pirates booty, alphabet graham crackers, lemonade, and more.

we threw hobbes in the car and headed for little john island.  it was overcast and buggy, but we found our spot.  we pulled out our picnic at the same moment that hobbes rolled in and then consumed a crab. he came over to see what the picnic was all about and stunk so badly.  we threw him some sticks in the water and went back to our meal.

at one point hobbes was doggy paddling but trying to stay high up in the water...sort of polo player meets swimming dog.  a silly stinky dog.  there will be more picnics this summer...

what's still on your must do summer list?

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