Wednesday, August 22, 2012

an update...

here are some updates from these parts...

yesterday was two months from my due date...eeeee exciting!

my iphone was wiped out over the weekend and continues to have the only photo i have from the weekend is the one above (taken from the nest in the baby's room).  all other photos lost due to lack of syncing on my part.  lesson learned!

i love being in the nest already.  i imagine i'll end up sleeping there in tired all the time basically!

mr. hobbes hurt his foot and he's been told no walks for three weeks, which is sad and seems impossible for a dog that needs two good walks a day.

last night because hobbes was a little out of it and confused from his meds, he kept circling our bed and we let him sleep on the foot of the bed.  a queen bed...two adults, a growing belly, a snoogle pillow, and a dog.

i ended up on the couch (by choice!).

tonight starts the crafting of curtains and bedskirts and more in the baby's room.

i've been swimming (bobbing and doing the breast stroke) at lunch time and it's amazing...i don't notice the weightlessness until i get out of the pool and then wow...i'm carrying a big belly!

and today i'm part of an interesting project about space design and usage, which has me giddy.

what about you?  give me some updates!


  1. looking good. :) is that lotta jansdottir fabric? (on the crib)

  2. cute! we are getting ready for our trip to michigan...wahoo!! (and currently, I'm pumping milk... :)


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