Friday, August 31, 2012

four day weekend...

i took my last summer friday today to make a four day weekend.  wooo-hooo.  this will be the longest stretch of vacation days that i've used this year, as i save what i have for my maternity leave.  plans for this weekend include...

a craft day with tracy (today) where we are going to put the finishing touches on the baby's room, hopefully a visit out to chebeague to see friends, organizing and house projects, and little online research as we pick our carseat.  i'm hoping to strike a great balance of getting things done and doing nothing at all.  this leaves me with lots to smile about.

wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, August 30, 2012


lately it seems like we can't get a night where everyone has a good night of sleep in this house.  i end up out on the couch in the middle of the night, because i just can't think of rolling over in the bed one more time.  and the baby seems to be pretty active in the middle of the night, too.  o has also had restless nights.  oh and hobbes...even him sometimes. i'm doing okay, because i'm getting enough and not awake through the whole night. oh but yesterday i went to christina and amelia's after work and during story time i laid on the floor...and almost fell asleep.

last night i found my way to the couch just before 4 and fell asleep.  at just around 6:30 i was awakened from a peaceful sleep to a charlie horse in my right calf.  yowsa.

i'm curious, what do you when you can't sleep?  get up? read? count your teeth with your tongue?  count sheep?  do tell...

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

this morning...

we were woken up by a barking dog....too early.  i guess good practice for the random hours we'll be up through the night soon enough.

as a reward to myself for an abrupt start to the day, i'm throwing on my work clothes and heading two places before work...the holy donut and the farmers market.  gotta go!

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Monday, August 27, 2012

book worm...

lately i can't seem to read enough.  i have about five books going...all around the topic of kids, birthing, motherhood.  they aren't typical guides...not what to expect when you're expecting.  currently i'm reading bountiful, beautiful, blissful...also reading your child's first year...just finished ina may's guide to childbirth.  but when i put one down, another quickly finds it's way into my hands.

i think the reading comes from the fear that i won't be reading nearly as much once the baby arrives...and that maybe, just maybe, there are some golden nuggets hidden within these words that will carry me through childbirth...that i will hold and practice...and that will help me on the journey.

next stop...the library!

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Friday, August 24, 2012

a crafty friend...

a few nights ago my friend came over and helped make a crib skirt for the baby's room.  she's the talented and a good teacher.  we had a great time.

first off, we went to marden's for fabric a few weeks ago and i found the perfect fabric for a dollar a yard.  i took all they had and $4.25 later we were on our way.  i had some leftover white fabric that a friend had given me that we used for the decking (the part under the mattress).
check out the finished product...
next up we are tackling the curtains for the nest, seen below...
thanks tracy!  i am honored to have your skilled hands helping bring this room together.  when i walk in the room i just smile.

happy weekend all!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

float on...

since slow jogging isn't feeling good anymore, i've started floating and bobbing around in the pool for exercise.  i'm a fairly horrible swimmer, so i just do slow laps and aqua jog.  it makes me wish christina was there so we could work on a synchronized swimming routine and be silly, but since their is a window where passersby can see in i keep it cool.

i'm off to swim this morning.  don't tell mr. hobbes...he'd be so jealous!

p.s. we're having boiler issues, so we don't have hot water right now.  this makes the idea of going swimming even more appealing...hello hot shower!

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

an update...

here are some updates from these parts...

yesterday was two months from my due date...eeeee exciting!

my iphone was wiped out over the weekend and continues to have the only photo i have from the weekend is the one above (taken from the nest in the baby's room).  all other photos lost due to lack of syncing on my part.  lesson learned!

i love being in the nest already.  i imagine i'll end up sleeping there in tired all the time basically!

mr. hobbes hurt his foot and he's been told no walks for three weeks, which is sad and seems impossible for a dog that needs two good walks a day.

last night because hobbes was a little out of it and confused from his meds, he kept circling our bed and we let him sleep on the foot of the bed.  a queen bed...two adults, a growing belly, a snoogle pillow, and a dog.

i ended up on the couch (by choice!).

tonight starts the crafting of curtains and bedskirts and more in the baby's room.

i've been swimming (bobbing and doing the breast stroke) at lunch time and it's amazing...i don't notice the weightlessness until i get out of the pool and then wow...i'm carrying a big belly!

and today i'm part of an interesting project about space design and usage, which has me giddy.

what about you?  give me some updates!

Monday, August 20, 2012

this weekend...

hello friends, we spent the weekend working our tails off.  with six sets of hands (thank you tom, dyan, mom, evan, and o!) we pruned trees, mowed lawns, weeded gardens, painted furniture, drawers, and doors, took a carload to the swap shop and the dump, cleaned out crawl spaces, finished assembling the crib, organized closets, sorted hand me down baby clothes, installed a handrail up the stairs, made some good decisions on the bathroom renovation, worked on the bathroom, cleaned and organized the garage, did laundry, spray painted our new to us hanging fruit basket (see dreams do come true), waxed the car, and...we went to the furniture store and finally bought the two chairs to go with our couch.  phew.

we decided to start our sunday morning off right.  we made a yummy breakfast and then took a long walk with hobbes around little john island before we dove into work.  it only took us a few tries to get the photo above.

later this week i'll share some sneak peek photos of the baby room.  i already love it up there...imagine when there is an actual baby that lives there?

what about you?  what was something from your weekend that still has you smiling?

Friday, August 17, 2012

it's friday...

and i'm ready for the weekend...even though it's going to be a busy one filled with work.  i'm ready for all hands on deck and getting stuff done.  i'll be on hobbes walking duty this weekend...but those walks are getting slow, which i don't mind and he enjoys.

i can't wait to share pictures after the weekend.  here's to our family who are helping us this weekend.  i'm so very grateful!

have a great weekend.

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

rain rain...

this morning we got up, just one minute before the alarm, put on the old rain coat and headed out for a walk.  it's the kind of day where i have to fight every urge to not get back into bed.  oh but today is an exciting day.  i got to take a soaking walk with hobbes that was refreshing, i get to see one of my favorite doctors, i have a super interesting meeting this afternoon, and tonight we are getting things ready for our family work weekend.

yesterday was filled with such incredible generosity...a friend gave me so so so many items from her daughter, including a beautiful crib mattress.  i'm overwhelmed by how many pre-loved items have already found their way into our home.  it's so special...and we are so grateful.

so alongside the pitter patter of rain today is the pitter patter of a very full so big that it sprouted into two!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

the sleep fairy...

my friend christina lent me her snoogle or snoodle or whatever it is called, as sleeping has become a bit tough in the past few days.  who would think that a pillow shaped like the letter c could change everything, but man o man...last night was a good sleep.  this morning o asked how i did last night and i showed him how it all worked in the snuggle...he gave it a try and he's hooked!  

thank you miss christina, sleep fairy and sweet friend.

Monday, August 13, 2012


this weekend i checked something big off of my wish list...visiting alewives fabrics in damariscotta mills.  tucked away off the beaten path is this amazing fabric store.  i purchased the finishing touches on the fabric for the baby's room.  while the pattern above isn't out until september, i found a similar stone/rock pattern that will be used sparingly.  it's almost time for the girls and i to get busy on sewing and cutting and crafting.

after the visit to alewives this weekend, we relaxed in new harbor.  lots of reading, sleeping, catching up, time by the fire pit, and down time.  it was so nice, as this lady is getting tired!

this weekend is a family work weekend...evan is coming down on friday, my folks on saturday, and o's family at some point.  here's to some calm before the work!

Thursday, August 9, 2012


today is overcast and foggy in our neck of the woods.  hobbes and i went to the beach this morning and everything appeared in greyscale.  i was reminded of what a small little square of cheese can do to make a dog obey.  o and i meet at the doctor's office this morning for an appointment.  i always like these appointments.  then i arrive at work to an exciting day.   we're hosting former senator george mitchell in our office this afternoon, which will be wonderful.  later i get to see my mother-in-law on her way to pick up my (i've never called him this before) brother-in-law from the airport.  he's here for a week!

amidst all that is going on, my mind feels a little fuzzy today...just like it is outside.

nothing that my plans of a dinner comprised of a burrito and an ice cream with a fellow pregnant lady can't remedy!  you ready nina?!


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

the weekend with hobbes...

the tides worked in hobbes favor this weekend, as our morning walk corresponded with low tide.  we went to sandy point both mornings.  saturday we met five awesome dogs that loved running, swimming, and chasing tennis balls.  at one point he was swimming with a tennis ball in his mouth and he saw another in the water.  he worked for about a minute trying to get both and then success.  he swam to shore with two tennis balls in his mouth.  he swam for over a hour.  on sunday it was just me, hobbes, a tennis ball, and the chuck-it.  he swam so far and was so very happy.  hobbes got home and immediately fell asleep both days.  zzzz...
during his awake times he guarded his new plants and relaxed...and strategically placed himself in the kitchen, should any crumbs of cheese fall.
it was a good weekend to be mr. hobbes!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

gentlemen of the road...

on saturday night we joined 15, 998 other people on the eastern promenade of portland for the gentlemen of the road stopover tour...a daylong music event headlined by mumford and sons.  we found some seats on the grass, but it was absolute chaos, so we moved up and over to the informal family area and we were so much happier!  here's a picture of the crowd from the portland press herald...
our first seats were near the stage just above the horizontal green line.  our second seats were in the top left area.  ahhh, so much better.  the people watching the whole day was truly amazing!  i don't even know where to begin.  since i was such a voyeur, it's only fair that i share a bump photo.  
the music was wonderful.  the night was absolutely perfect.  i'm hopeful that this won't be the last concert on the eastern promenade.  i'm already thinking about my dream line-up.  if you could plan a day-long music festival, who would be on the bill?

Monday, August 6, 2012

mrs. dyer...

i kept my maiden name after o and i got married, but this weekend i was mrs. dyer.  i bought some white onesies and my mom had given me some muslin blanket/cloths.  i was ready for my first dying project. here we go.  i mixed my supplies...
i took over the kitchen sink...
i let my items soak...
after rinsing the items, i hung the items outside.  do you see all the fun i had?

o took this photo of me out the window with my little teal onesie...
this morning i washed and dried everything.  i was giddy.
i certainly learned some things about dyeing (and there are some pigment spots on the onesies) and i had so much fun!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

evening picnic...

on the way home last night i stopped at rosemont for picnic supplies.  i grabbed by brimfield picnic basket and filled it with treats...focaccia with goat cheese, avocado, pesto, and tomatoes.  pirates booty, alphabet graham crackers, lemonade, and more.

we threw hobbes in the car and headed for little john island.  it was overcast and buggy, but we found our spot.  we pulled out our picnic at the same moment that hobbes rolled in and then consumed a crab. he came over to see what the picnic was all about and stunk so badly.  we threw him some sticks in the water and went back to our meal.

at one point hobbes was doggy paddling but trying to stay high up in the water...sort of polo player meets swimming dog.  a silly stinky dog.  there will be more picnics this summer...

what's still on your must do summer list?

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

crafting prep...

next week my crafting ladies are coming over for a little craft night.  between now and then i'm hoping to pick out the carpet for the second floor, figure out the paint for the dresser and the bookcase, and take a trip to the fabric store for (lately i've been thinking about seersucker...mostly because i can no longer fit in my favorite seersucker summer dress, oh year).

i can hardly wait to have the ladies put their loving handiwork into our baby room.  thanks tracy and christina.  i mean check out how talented these ladies are...exhibit a and exhibit b!

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