Monday, July 16, 2012

workin' man...

this weekend was hot and super humid in maine.  the kind of weather where you sweat just being.  it was not ideal weather for sanding the walls and ceilings on our hot second floor, but o was up there and such a trooper.  the dust was literally caked on him, his hair looked grey, and it just sounded terrible.  he's working away getting things ready.  o was also the one out pushing the mower for hours on sunday and up in the middle of the night when amidst the rain storm i feared my car windows were open (they weren't...phew).  thank you o, your work is so very appreciated!

our next step is a good clean before a painter comes in.  we've decided on paint colors and i'm ready to channel all of my frustration at not being able to help into being the one that puts together the small list of items we need for the baby, makes a decision and finally buys the couch and chairs that we've been waiting on for years, and plans the work days that we are going to have where people can come over and help.

i've also dreamt of having a huge piece of driftwood in our house, almost like a tree in the edge of a room.  this weekend step two of that process happened.  step one was finding the driftwood.  i'd done that.  step two was going and getting in...sounds easy.  tomorrow i'll share just what that process entailed and the sweet ladies that made it possible.

how was your weekend?

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