Tuesday, July 24, 2012


today means waking up in the middle of the night to rain, having one of those peeing in your dream dreams without peeing the bed (just me?), a muddy walk with hobbes followed by a swim, the rooms upstairs getting a facelift with some pretty paints, getting my car back from the shop (got badly keyed last week in my parking garage at work), fun event planning at work, lunch with the happiness project book group from work, checking things off the list, picking up a bunch of well loved plants as their owners prepare for an overseas move, and a birthday celebration for a friend.

what about you?  what is today?

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  1. Today = lemon blueberry scones, completing a Falmouth Historical Scavenger Hunt with Benjamin and handing it in to the local library, pool time at Portland public pool with friends and lobster rolls with sides for dinner either at a park or being chased inside if it storms. Pretty good day, I'd say!


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